With applications ranging from industry, agriculture and construction to refrigeration and transportation, BAUTER® has only one side: the good side.

Extensive experience in developing solutions for construction and industry has led to excellent results with applied science that is used in medicine, sports and space technology.


BAUTER® is the guarantee of project execution according to the latest technologies.

  • Biodegradable insulation
  • Natural ingredients
  • Safe for people


BAUTER® is the perfect thermal insulation for agriculture. Ecological and friendly to living beings, it is used in silos, pipes and other elements, providing insulation and protection.

Transport and vehicles

Whether transporting goods or people, BAUTER guarantees an effective insulation system to save energy and provide protection. Containers, goods vehicles or public transport.


Large-scale solutions for the industrial sector with:

  • Longer service life
  • High quality
  • Quick maintenance
  • Lower costs

Cooling and heating

Indispensable as a thermal insulator in areas where there is excessive heat or where temperatures need to be maintained. The industrial coating can withstand temperatures between -70 and 320 °C with just a 1 mm layer.