How does it work?

BAUTER® creates a thermal shield that reflects heat and radiation. This shield is created by vacuum microspheres adapted to the dimensions of the wavelengths of thermal radiation, that work like a maze of mirrors.


As the radiation beam tries to pass through, it is reflected several times and redirected backwards, with almost no energy absorption. It thus has the highest TSR (Total Solar Reflectance) on the market, reflecting 93% of thermal energy.


Even in direct contact with other materials, the vacuum inside the microspheres also prevents conduction.


All traditional thermal insulation materials (expanded polystyrene, mineral wool or foams) create thermal resistance. This resistance only slows down the passage of energy, which will eventually pass through, while making it impossible for the wall to breathe.


With BAUTER® technology, this energy is rejected by the reflection and vacuum of the microspheres. That’s why, with less than 1 millimeter, you get results equivalent to more than 20cm of eps.

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The most effective thermal solution

Both on one side and on the other.

  • Eliminates thermal bridges
  • 300% elasticity – no cracks or splits
  • Temperature resistance from -70º to 320ºC
  • Total safety – non-flammable

The only product on the market that meets the most stringent industry and construction requirements.

On the one side, it isolates more
on the other saves space

Thermal transmission coefficient (U)
For a U of less than 0.35

Performance Comparison No Insulation With 6cm of EPS With 0.5 BAUTER®

20cm brick




Double wall with air gap 28cm




Thermal Brick 24cm




Concrete wall 20cm




* Minimum energy performance requirements applicable to the opaque envelope of residential buildings in mainland Portugal, u max. [W/(m2 .0C)] climate zone i3 – according to decree no. 138-i/2021 of July 1st.

  • Guaranteed economy and comfort
  • Complies with all energy regulations
  • Without losing space (m2) and without construction works
  • + Effective

  • + Practical

  • + Economic

  • + Guarantee

On one side, it’s more.
On the other, it’s better.